Following the successful online workshop held on 20th May, we are pleased to announce the publication of the Executive Summary. This document identifies the key knowledge gaps relating to air quality and COVID-19 and recommends action to researchers and research funding organisations. The full report from the workshop will be published in the coming weeks. The three organising networks (AQNUK, SAQN, UKIEG) will be working with network members to act on these knowledge gaps and seek to contribute to the research in these areas.

It is clear that further interdisciplinary work is needed to tackle the questions raised at the workshop, and that more research is needed, particularly relating to indoor and outdoor air quality and the interaction between them. This is particularly timely as we begin to emerge from lockdown and consider how COVID-19 transmission and effects may change as we approach the autumn.

We encourage our network members and event attendees to share these findings widely and welcome suggestions and ideas as to how the SAQN can continue to support discussion and action in this space. Following the announcement of the UKRI SPF Clean Air networks, we will be exploring ways of collaborating with these networks to address these research questions in the coming months.

Further details of the event, including the agenda and recordings of some of the presentations can be found on our event page.