SAQN has funded four new Scoping Studies through the innovative online Collaboration Building Workshop. The workshop was the second run by the network, and aimed to develop new interdisciplinary collaborations between air quality scientists and researchers at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Participants came from a range of backgrounds, including particle physics, public health, social science, software engineering, modelling and many more.

Workshop participants celebrate
Workshop participants celebrate the closing session

The funded projects address the workshop question ‘ How might we respond collaboratively to societal air quality challenges using STFC capabilities to explore the potential of new research ideas?’. The projects focus on nanoparticles in the brain, Persistent Organic Particles (POPs), developing a next generation Delta sensor and biomass burning. Each project has been awarded £8,000. Further details of the Scoping Studies will be shared on the SAQN website, where blog posts and presentations from past Scoping Studies are currently available.

SAQN PI, Dr Sarah Moller said, “We are delighted to be funding these new studies. All of them are taking a first step towards tackling a major air quality research gap, and we look forward to seeing the outcomes. We are keen to support the Scoping Studies to develop their research idea and apply for future funding as a result of strong, productive collaborations.”