UKRI have launched a campaign called 101 jobs that change the world focused on the people who work, often behind the scenes, to make research and innovation happen. This aims to publicise the many different and diverse roles and career paths in research and innovation that go beyond the traditional image of an academic, researcher or innovator. It also wants to recognise the diverse range of skills and talent needed to enable our world-class research and innovation system to function. There are some really interesting profiles on the website including one from our very own Network Manager, Fleur Hughes.

As many of you who are actively involved in the network will know, Fleur is the one that makes everything that SAQN does actually happen. She maintains the website, generates content, writes and sends out the newsletter to members, sets up the contracts for the scoping studies we have funded, liaises with the SPF Clean Air Networks, sets up all our meetings, including working with our facilitator to design the very effective Collaboration Building Workshops we have run, and so much more. It’s worth having a read of Fleur’s profile and browsing some of the others up there, as well as publicising this resource to students and colleagues who may be looking to find their own place within the research and innovation landscape.