Wednesday 20 January 2021, 10:30 – 12:30

The Centre for Environmental Data Analysis (CEDA) and JASMIN supercomputer support environmental scientists by providing access to the CEDA data archive and dedicated computing facilities, helping with large scale data analysis and developing new technologies. The CEDA Archive hosts over 15 Petabytes of atmospheric and earth observation data. Sources include aircraft campaigns, satellites, automatic weather stations and climate models amongst many more. JASMIN is a globally unique data intensive supercomputer for environmental science co-located with the CEDA archive. It consists of multi-Petabyte fast storage co-located with data analysis computing facilities, with dedicated light paths to various key facilities and institutes within the community.

This introductory training session is specifically for SAQN members with an interest in using the CEDA archive and/or JASMIN platform for their air quality research. You will learn more about CEDA and JASMIN, and be taken through the process of finding and accessing relevant data and services. The session will take place online and is free to attend for all network members.