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Sarah Moller

The Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology have published their Areas of Research Interest for COVID-19 here.

There are a few that could be relevant to discussions here including:

6.2. How can positive environmental changes (such as reduced air, water or noise pollution) in the UK be maintained beyond the COVID-19 outbreak?
6.4. How can the UK population be supported in maintaining more sustainable lifestyles (such as increased use of active travel and reduced air travel)? How can lessons learned about behaviour change and public health messaging during the COVID-19 outbreak be applied to encouraging sustainable lifestyles?
6.6. How could potential future changes to urban infrastructure (such as building of lower-density housing) impact environmental measures (such as biodiversity)? How can the UK create urban environments that are resilient to pandemics but are not damaging to ecosystems?

and some less obvious ones:
1.15. How is the COVID-19 outbreak likely to affect research priorities and research funding? What are the risks of focusing research on COVID-19?
1.17. What positive changes have happened as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak? How can these positive changes be upheld in the long-term?
3.9. What indicators for (economic) recovery from the COVID-19 outbreak should be considered besides GDP? Is there likely to be an international move towards different indicators, such as those measuring wellbeing?