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Gordon Rates

Hi I am gordon. I specialise in Data science method to assess Low cost AQ sensors to provide AQ measurements from low cost AQ sensors for research or comparison to more advanced forecasts or sensors.

I recently collaborated with ECMWF European Centre for Medium Range Weather forecasts to evaluate Low cost AQ sensors. A description of it is
“Validating and removing errors outliers from surface air quality observations from individual sensors so that these observation can be compared to ECMWF’s CAMS air quality forecasts. Some observations are available for these areas from data harvesting efforts such as openAQ but there is no quality control applied to the data, and it is often not well known if the observations are made in a rural, urban or heavily polluted local environment.”

I would be keen to advance this initiative in other research.

It is excellent to hear about the range of research

Many kind regards,Gordon

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