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      Donna DonnaStella

      Welcome to a comprehensive review of the best center-backs in FC 24, all available for under 100,000 coins in the Ultimate Team mode. In this guide, we’ll dive into the top choices for your defensive line, discussing their attributes, playstyles, and why they deserve a place in your squad. Whether you’re a seasoned FC veteran or just starting out, finding the right center-back can be crucial to your team’s success.

      Before we delve into our top center-backs, let’s address the honorable mention and acknowledge the fantastic options available in this price range.

      Honorable Mention: Aro (86 Rated)

      Our honorable mention goes to Mr. Aro, an 86-rated center-back who can be acquired for around 83,000 coins. Aro possesses the “Block” playstyle plus, which significantly enhances his ability to make successful blocks. Despite slightly lower composure, he boasts excellent defensive stats, including Pace, making him a solid choice for your defense. Adding a Shadow Chemistry Style can further boost his performance, making him a reliable option at the back.

      Number Five: Kimman J (Bayern Munich, 86 Rated)

      Coming in at the fifth spot is Kimman J, the newly transferred Bayern Munich center-back, available for approximately 16,000 coins. Kimman J offers ridiculous Pace, strong defensive attributes, and solid reactions. His composure might be slightly lacking, but his agility and aggression make up for it. Consider using a Shadow Chemistry Style to maximize his potential, making him a valuable addition to your defense.

      Number Four: Saliba (Arsenal, 85 Rated)

      Saliba, the Arsenal center-back, takes the fourth position on our list and can be acquired for around 54,000 coins. This card is nothing short of spectacular. With great Sprint Speed and reactions, Saliba can keep up with most attackers. While his composure might not be the highest, his defensive prowess and physicality more than compensate for it. His versatility in both defending and passing make him a fan favorite.

      Number Three: David Alaba (85 Rated)

      David Alaba secures the third spot on our list, available for approximately 27,000 coins. What sets Alaba apart is his versatility. You can deploy him as a center-back or even as a left-back due to his outstanding attributes. His agility and reactions are top-notch, and he excels in defending and passing. With a four-star weak foot, Alaba provides additional value, and his responsiveness makes him a formidable option.

      Number Two: Rudiger (85 Rated)

      At number two, we have Antonio Rudiger, one of the most frustrating center-backs to play against in the game. With impressive Pace and physicality, Rudiger is a powerhouse in defense. His reactions are solid, and while his composure might be slightly below par, it’s manageable. Applying a Shadow Chemistry Style is recommended to boost his acceleration. Rudiger’s playstyle plus further enhances his performance, especially in aerial battles.

      Number One: Raphael Varane (85 Rated)

      Claiming the top spot is none other than Raphael Varane, available for around 97,000 coins. Varane boasts a playstyle plus, which significantly improves his standing tackle success and ground stability. His attributes across the board are exceptional, making him a reliable and versatile center-back. With Varane in your squad, you’ll experience a notable decrease in those frustrating moments where attackers regain possession. His anticipation and defensive prowess make him the top choice among center-backs under 100,000 coins.
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      In conclusion, FC 24 offers a plethora of center-back options under 100,000 coins, each with its unique strengths and playstyles. While our list provides a solid foundation, remember that personal preference and playstyle can influence your choices. Experiment with different players and find the center-backs that best suit your team’s needs. Whether you opt for Varane’s reliability, Rudiger’s physicality, or Alaba’s versatility, the key is to have a strong and balanced defense to secure your victories on the pitch. So, assemble your dream squad, bolster your defense with these top center-backs, and enjoy dominating your opponents in FC 24!

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