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      SAQN admin

      Health was a popular topic of discussion at the launch event. Some of the questions raised were:

      I agree with Ian Mudway that an important unknown is the link between exposure, inhaled dose and toxicity / health effects. I see exposure in association with health monitoring (breathing rate, lung function etc) is an important strand of research but can’t see how this can relate to STFC facilities and use.

      Can we use this network to get group together or provide proof of concept funding to encourage more toxicity studies relevant to AQ?

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      Fleur Hughes

      Dr Ian Mudway (who spoke at our launch event) is quoted in this article on the effects of air pollution on mental health.

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      Jean McKendree

      People here might be interested in the Tupumue project led from Kenya and Liverpool looking at non-communicable lung disease in children to look at burden and early life determinants and to develop participatory inter-disciplinary solutions

      I particularly like this project because they have involved the social and humanities partners from the very beginning to help make sure that the project is community-led rather than researcher-led. You will never get change unless the target stakeholders are a part of the project and are on-board from the beginning.

      (Disclosure: I was involved in the first year of the project to help organise the community consensus building meetings in Nairobi.)

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        SAQN admin

        This looks really interesting – I love the song in the video! Really engaging way to get the message out to young and old.

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