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      SAQN admin

      Indoor air quality was discussed at our launch meeting. Some of the questions raised were:

      How can indoor air quality studies be optimised to include ‘good’ health science?

      What are the issues for indoor air monitoring? Can we just move existing instruments inside or do we need to look at new technologies?

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      Fleur Hughes

      This report by RCPCH on health effects of indoor air pollution on children was published in January – presumably this has become even more important since the pandemic began and everyone started spending more time indoors.

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      One of the biggest IAQ related health problems in homes is respiratory illnesses, particularly asthma and rhinitis, which was well captured on the RCPCH report that Fleur mentioned. I have been working on a project in the US looking at the use of low-cost monitors for IAQ management, improving asthmatic conditions in children. More details to follow once they are published, but in meant time the pilot study can be accessed here.

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        SAQN admin

        This looks really interesting Alejandro – once the monitors are developed, are there plans to deploy them in the UK?

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