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      There was a lot of interest in making best use of available data on air quality and using STFC capabilities to integrate this. Some of the thoughts and questions raised were:

      Combine meteorological data with ambient concentration network data, developing algorithms capable of reconstructing temporal and spatial source maps for the UK.

      UK air pollution map derived from integrated model and monitoring data, able to zoom in from regional to local scale

      Is it viable within have a harmonised database that combines national and local authority air quality (air quality) AQ data?

      Bringing all conventional and sensor networks monitoring data together into a single portal/platform. E.g. DAFNI.
      Improving available resolution of existing monitoring networks data down to 1 minute (if possible!)

      Bringing together multiple activities in particular cities. There are often multiple activities and initiatives within single cities that are not linked. Smart cities. There are likely to be opportunities for interactions and projects through linking these. (It would be good for the community outside STFC to gain an understanding of the involvement of different parts of STFC within different cities.

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      Sarah Moller

      Last week Defra added some new functionality to their UKAIR website. Users can now access air pollution monitoring data from networks managed by local authorities as well as the data from the national networks. It is tagged as ‘locally managed automatic monitoring data’ on the data selector linked here. The site locations can also be seen through the interactive monitoring network map.

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