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      Fleur Hughes

      Welcome to the SAQN Community. Post an introduction to yourself, including your interests in air quality and anything else the community should know about you!

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      Fleur Hughes

      I’ll start: I’m Fleur Hughes, the Network Manager for SAQN. While I don’t have a background in Chemistry (I’m actually a musician!), I’m passionate about the environment, science and finding ways to improve the world, so it’s great to be a part of the network and make a positive contribution to air quality challenges.

      I see my role as making connections between people in the network, so if you want to find a new person, technology or research, I won’t be able to do it myself, but I can probably find someone who can!

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      James Allan

      My name is James Allan, I’m a Reader at the University of Manchester, scientist at the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and a member of the Air Quality Experts Group at DEFRA. I specialise in the in situ measurement of aerosols.

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        SAQN admin

        Welcome James! Good to have you here.

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      Pushp Raj Tiwari

      My name is Raj Tiwari. I am a University Early Career Research Fellow at Centre for Atmospheric and Climate Physics Research, University of Hertfordshire. I work in Air quality modelling and Aerosol-cloud climate interaction.

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        SAQN admin

        Hi Raj! Great to see you on the discussion board

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      Kevin Smith

      My name is Kevin Smith and I work for STFC at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. My background is in laboratory and field spectroscopy applied to atmospheric science and Earth observation. I currently sit within RAL Space, but I have been with STFC and its predecessor organisations since 1997. During that time I have worked in the Programmes Directorate and the Strategy, Performance and Communications Directorate, focusing on energy and environmental research challenges. This experience has given me a good overview of all of STFC’s activities and enabled me to build a network of contacts within the organisation. If anyone requires help finding the right person within STFC please do give me a shout and I’ll do my best to help.

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      Hi, I’m Alejandro Moreno-Rangel, an early career researcher at Lancaster University. I am interested in Indoor air quality (IAQ), particularly in homes, sustainable buildings and the impact of both housing design and IAQ in human health. Look forward to work with you all!

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        SAQN admin

        Hi Alejandro! It was great to have you in our Collaboration Building Workshop. Indoor air quality has become even more prominent this year – do share any of your publications in the IAQ thread.

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      Amy McCarron

      Hi, I’m Amy McCarron, a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling. My interest is in personal exposures, with my PhD specifically focussing on exposures of people who suffer from asthma. Crossing the spheres of environmental science, social science, public health and psychology, the aim of my PhD is to co-design, with participants, sustainable behaviour change interventions to reduce their exposure to fine PM.

      I look forward to exchanging knowledge with you all!

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        SAQN admin

        Welcome Amy! The network is all about interdisciplinary work around air quality – feel free to share details of your findings on the discussion board in the future. Health is a topic that really sparked the network’s interest at our launch meeting.

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      Stefanie Broszeit

      Hello, I am Stefanie. I am a marine ecologist with a strong interest in understanding air quality regulation as a service and how the marine environment contributes to this service. I like to work with a variety of disciplines to understand this big topic, from chemists studying aerosols to health studies to marine ecological processes that may help (or hinder) improvement of air quality in coastal areas.

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        SAQN admin

        Welcome Stefanie! Sounds like you have lots of experience of interdisciplinary working. Feel free to share research in this area, coastal areas haven’t come up very much so far in network discussions so it would be good to hear more.

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      Gordon Rates

      Hi I am gordon. I specialise in Data science method to assess Low cost AQ sensors to provide AQ measurements from low cost AQ sensors for research or comparison to more advanced forecasts or sensors.

      I recently collaborated with ECMWF European Centre for Medium Range Weather forecasts to evaluate Low cost AQ sensors. A description of it is
      “Validating and removing errors outliers from surface air quality observations from individual sensors so that these observation can be compared to ECMWF’s CAMS air quality forecasts. Some observations are available for these areas from data harvesting efforts such as openAQ but there is no quality control applied to the data, and it is often not well known if the observations are made in a rural, urban or heavily polluted local environment.”

      I would be keen to advance this initiative in other research.

      It is excellent to hear about the range of research

      Many kind regards,Gordon

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      Mark Braley

      Hi Everyone,

      Hope your day is going well.

      I wanted to connect with your network by providing AQ sensors, e.g. super low power CO2 sensors, and then provide all necessary electronics design engineering support.

      Acal BFi assists companies and individuals with electronics designs, e.g. new sensors to the cloud AQ monitoring products. Our manufacturing partner ( has a market leading capability and over 100 R&D engineers who can provide online project support. A good way to make a start is to share a project brief and then order a couple, or more, sample sensors.

      @ Acal BFi, I work closely with specialist colleagues, mostly Richard Turner who has 24 years experience in sensors and electronics design.

      Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

      Kind regards,


      Below are my contact company details.

      Mark Braley
      Technical Sales Manager – Sensors
      Acal BFi UK Ltd
      3 The Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane,
      Wokingham, Berks. RG41 2EY
      t: +44 (0)118 9788 878
      m: +44 (0)7827 995 261

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      Martin Leach

      Good Afternoon All

      We need schools that are suffering with this.Take a look at the website to understand about our new to market products ,what they do ,how they do it and the benefits they bring .We produce data
      We are supported by Council and Academia Money is the deciding factor here mass deployment alongside Academia will prove the case
      All we do is remove airborne pollution through Green Infrastructure.
      I ve just read about the schools in London and Nurseries that suffer with particulate matter and it doesnt need to be like this .Nature has answers We are not politicians or academics we are parents TAKING POSITIVE ACTION Fleur you are invited to come and see us were in Thorp Arch Leeds not so far Thank Martin Leach

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      Mark Braley

      @ Acal BFi we have some experience to share on sensors for standalone moss technology air cleaners for urban spaces. For the last two years our colleague Felix Pluta in Germany has been working with Green City Solutions GmbH Perhaps we can organise an on-line session with the SAQN community to share some of the experiences made by Green City Solutions in Germany / Europe?
      Mark and Richard @ Acal BFi

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