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      Participants at the launch event discussed ideas around machine learning and best use of data. These were some of the ideas and questions raised by the group:

      As mentioned by Ian Mudway the rate of publication in the air quality space is very high. This project would develop a machine learning tool with a web interface that can answer questions, or pull out evidence in a particular area, and back up answers with references to relevant research papers. This would be continually updated.

      Can stfc help upscale models to make them more efficient to be able to run larger scale scenarios or run them more rapidly for sensitivity analysis

      STFC capability could support the development of vertical profilers for addition to, e.g., urban supersites and FAAM, to measure vertical concentration profiles, incl. for ammonia. These are needed to link groundbased and EO measurements, improve EO retrievals and to assess chemistry and transport models.

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