Project Outline

Nitrogen pollution and in particular increasing emissions of ammonia (NH3) from agriculture (and also transport) is a major driver of biodiversity loss in the 21st century. NH3 is also a precursor to secondary inorganic ammonium aerosol that contributes to fine-mode particulate matter (PM2.5) implicated in adverse health impacts and increased mortality. The UKCEH DELTA® system is a leading diffusion denuder-filter pack method for speciated measurement of reactive gases and aerosols, implemented in high density air quality monitoring networks (e.g. UK and China) and recommended in EMEP Level I monitoring. The aim is to i) upgrade system with flow sensing capabilities and telemetry, to allow miniaturisation (DELTA-Mi) for future development of sensor networks, and ii) optimise power requirements, with an aim to produce a system with low unit cost (< £3k) in a next phase of the project. Miniaturisation, low power requirement and low-cost will maximise flexibility in deployment options and affordability, particularly in low-resource countries to enable and initiate air measurement capability.

STFC Capabilities used
Project dates

Sep 2021 – Feb 2022

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