Our Collaboration Building Workshops offer a space for exploration of new research ideas and the application of STFC capabilities to air quality challenges, and foster new collaborations that can develop further project ideas. SAQN have funding available to support these projects. We encourage participants to think innovatively about challenges and solutions in air quality. 

The 2021 workshop addressed the following question:

“How could STFC capabilities progress our ability to address societal air quality challenges through new collaborative research?”

We have funded four Scoping Studies from the 2021 workshop, focussing on Persistent Organic Chemicals (POPs), nanoparticles in the brain, biomass burning and a new miniaturised Delta sensor. Details of projects past and present are posted on the Scoping Studies page.

Our innovative online format enabled new collaborations to form between participants hundreds of miles apart. Read more about how we made the event a success in our Case Study: Running a Funding Sandpit in a Digital Environment.