14-15 January 2020, Principal Hotel, York, UK

Our first Annual Meeting took place in January 2020. You can read an event report on our blog, and also what the outcomes and next actions were.

Presentations are available to download by clicking the button below the title. Further presentations will be added as they are made available.

Tuesday 14 January 2020

Introduction to the SAQN and Meeting Aims

Dr Sarah Moller, NCAS/University of York

The Air Quality Landscape – Business, Policy & Research

Priority Challenges for Future Air Quality Research

Prof Hugh Coe, University of Manchester

Science Needs for Air Quality Policy

John Newington, Defra

Innovation Challenges for Industry around Air Quality

Dave Scapens, Luxfer Mel

Health Impacts of Air Pollution

Dr Ian Mudway, King’s College London

STFC Capabilities & Science for Air Quality – Experience and Opportunities

Introduction to STFC

Prof Bill David, STFC / University of Oxford

Satellite Monitoring of Air Pollution from Polar and Geostationary Orbit

Dr Barry Latter, STFC RAL Space

STFC Central Laser Facility

Dr Andy Ward, STFC

STFC Capabilities in Novel High-Specs Sensors

Dr Damien Weidmann, STFC RAL Space

Continuous Ammonia Monitoring for Agriculture

Dr Daniel Gerber, STFC RAL Space

Air Quality Data at CEDA

Dr Martin Juckes, STFC

Atmospheric Science and Air Quality at Chilbolton Observatory

Judith Jeffery, STFC Chilbolton Observatory


Marion Samler, STFC

STFC Capabilities – Assessing the Potential for Applications to Air Quality

ISIS & Diamond

Prof Bill David, STFC / University of Oxford

Modelling and Simulation for Air Quality at the Scientific Computing Department

Dr Stefano Rolfo, STFC Daresbury Laboratory

The Hartree Centre

Dr Jonathan Smith, STFC Hartree Centre

Deep Science at Boulby Underground Laboratory

Prof Sean Paling, STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory

Climate Predictions

Dr Martin Juckes, STFC

Potential for use of satellites for AQ work …counting cars from space

Dr David Green, King’s College London

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Funding and Collaboration Opportunities

Overview of SAQN Activity

Fleur Hughes, SAQN

UKRI SPF Clean Air

Dr Caroline Culshaw, NERC

Helen Rogers, ESRC

QUANT Clean Air Project

Dr Pete Edwards, University of York

Funding and Collaboration Opportunities: Generating ideas for areas of potential interest to the network

Exploring Opportunities: Discussion of identified topics of interest