Next session: Thursday 29 September 11.30 – 12.30

‘making the most of air quality data’

Our next online networking session will share ideas around the theme of ‘Making the Most of Air Quality Data’. This might include data science techniques, Machine Learning, AI and combining pre-existing data sets to explore air quality impacts. The session is aimed at anyone from research, policy or industry with an interest in making use of air quality data.

Our featured speaker will be Professor David Topping at the University of Manchester, whose research focuses on building computational models of atmospheric aerosol particles for use in interpretation of measured properties and as sub models for incorporation into climate change models. After our featured speaker, we will then hear a series of lightning presentations, which might highlight some research, present further questions or share some recent work. If you’d like to offer a 60 second presentation in this slot, you can do so when you register. After the presentations, we will move to Wonder, an online platform for free-flowing networking and discussion of the topic.

If you haven’t used Wonder before, it’s very simple and no sign up is required. You can familiarise yourself with the platform in advance with these slides to help you navigate the system.

We hope you’ll sign up to join us at the next session! If you have any questions, please email