Running a Funding Sandpit in a Digital Environment: A Case Study

Our next Collaboration Building Workshop takes place this month, and we’ve been reflecting on what we learned from the first workshop, which took place last November. Online events are likely to be more prevalent, even once lockdown restrictions are gone, so we have published a case study of our workshop. The paper outlines some of the key factors that made the workshop successful, and also shares our plans to make the next workshop even better.

The case study will be of interest to anyone looking to organise workshops, and in particular those running funding sandpits. 

Air Quality & COVID-19: Report Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the report from our May event, ‘Air Quality & COVID-19’. This report is jointly authored by SAQN, UKIEG and AQNUK as convenors of the workshop. In addition to the Executive Summary and Calls to Action, the report contains summaries of the speaker presentations, the workshop methodology, and information on ways to connect with STFC.

We are keen to encourage further interdisciplinary work with others interested in air quality challenges, and we invite the community to contact us with their responses to the Calls to Action so that we can continue the conversation. SAQN will be doing further work to identify what work is happening in the different research areas, and finding areas where STFC capabilities can contribute to the research.

Our upcoming Collaboration Building Workshop offers an opportunity to connect with researchers in different disciplines and apply for Scoping Study funding for new work using STFC capabilities. Our starting points for discussion will be the themes identified at our launch event and the calls to action from this report, as the most pressing challenges in air quality at the moment. We welcome applications from a wide range of disciplines.